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Saturday, 5 July 2014

SPM Essay-Continuous Writing:An Incident On Sunday Evening

 It was a beautiful Sunday evening and the sky was in azure blue.My fast friends,Mujahid,Ashraaf and I had just finished our extra class.As this was our last year,we needed to pull up our socks to pass with flying colour in SPM examination.We went to a bus sop that was just a stone's throw away from our school and waited for a school bus to fetch us.The road beside the bust stop was as busy as a bee.It was the peak of time for people to go home.I could say that the road was totally packed by cars,lorries which were queuing up.

 At the bus stop,my friends and I had a cherry banter and we joked around happily.It was such a release-tension method for the three of us.Mujahid was full of dramas doing some actions to our stories while Ashraad and I laughed until we had burst into tears.All of a sudden,a middle sized blue lorry glided towards the bus stop and encroached the pillar that separated the road and the place we werre standing by.Thank God I was quick in evading the fatal incident but poor Ashraaf and Mujahid could not.The superb brand new lorry also ran with other students from our school who were waiting at the bus stop.

 The incident was so terrible and horrifying that I went weak at the knees when I witnessed it.About seven students including Mujahid and Ashraaf were stranded by the roadside.Their bags and books were all scattered on the roadside.The victim's blood splashed everywhere and they looked so chronically injured.The situation was chaotic but I pushed myslf to get help for them.I tried to stop some of the road users who were passing by the incident area and fortunately they did.Some of them parked their vehicles not far from the incident are just to lend their helping hand.

 The blue lorry driver was arrested.He was a tall,dark and muscular 40 years old under drug control.He was sent to the police station nearby by a policman who was on his way home.Some of the people helped me to lift the injured and fainted victims.It was so melancholic to see Mujahid and Ashraf were among them.Other people who were there during the incident also helped to stop some drivers and asked them to send all the victims involved to the hospital.Since the vistims were surely sent to the hospital,I rode a car,named BMW which also had brought Mujahid and Ashraaf along to a hospital.I cried my heart out when I saw their pale faces were smeared with blood.

 About ten minutes later,we reached the hospital.The other victims that were sent by other vehicles had arrived before us.Mujahid and Ashraaf were sent to the emergency unit,while I was asked to wait at the waiting area.While waiting for the other victims to finish their treatment,I called my school principal,Puan Nadia using the hospital's public phone.I informed her of what had happened from the beginning till the end.She then replied that she would go there as fast as possible.

 A few minutes later,Puan Nadia arrived.She was so panicked and worried about the victims.One of the doctors came and calmed her down.The doctor said,the victims were in stable condition and would recuperate in a short period.Puan Nadia felt anxious upon hearing the news.It was totally a dark night,Puan Nadia helped me to go back home.My mother was so worried of me.Nevertheless,Puan Nadia and I told my mom the real situation and my mom was so grateful I was the one who saved from the incident.

 The incident was really horrifying to me.I was so grateful the incident had not ruined my life.I was really hoping that the drivers would be more careful.I also hoped that people in this country would be more obedient and law- abiding especially to the road rules.